Why I Will Never Vote for Hillary Clinton

Why I’ll Never Vote for Hillary Clinton


  1. Hillary Clinton is a Warmongering Hawk

I protested the Iraq war in Washington DC on Martin Luther King weekend in January of 2003, when 70% of Americans were in favor of the war, because I knew it was worthless, cynical, awful action. My friend, who was like a brother to me and grew up literally a stone’s throw away from my front porch, died an army captain in Ar Ramadi in 2006, at age 28. He died not only because of the Bush administration’s lying, cynical, mafia-like war profiteering action, but because there was a lack of a heavy opposition from Democrats. Hillary Clinton was in a unique position in October of 2002 as a prominent Democrat in the Senate to join with Senators such as Robert Byrd of West Virginia, Jim Jeffords and Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Barbara Boxer of California, Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, Russ Feingold of Wyoming, and many in the House, including then Representative Bernie Sanders, all of whom voted AGAINST resolution 114 Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq.

Did I have information Hillary Clinton did not have? Of course not. Hillary is a hawk. She likes war. She’s a warlike person. And why does she like war? Why does anyone? Because there’s a shit ton of money in it…


Behind the curtain of the recent right-wing political theater surrounding Benghazi, there’s the real issue that Hillary Clinton advocated as Secretary of State the war crime of regime change in Libya during the Arab Spring.

Gary Leupp in Counterpunch.org writes..

Hillary, that supposedly astute stateswoman, believed that the Arab Spring was going to topple all the current dictators of the Middle East and that, given that, the U.S. needed to position itself as the friend of the opposition movements. Gadhafy was a goner, she reasoned, so shouldn’t the U.S. help those working towards his overthrow?

The results of “Operation Unified Protector” have of course been absolutely disastrous. Just as the U,S. and some of its allies wrecked Iraq, producing a situation far worse than that under Saddam Hussein, so they have inflicted horrors on Libya unknown during the Gadhafi years. These include the persecution of black Africans and Tuaregs, the collapse of any semblance of central government, the division of the country between hundreds of warring militias, the destabilization of neighboring Mali producing French imperialist intervention, the emergence of Benghazi as an al-Qaeda stronghold, and the proliferation of looted arms among rebel groups. The “humanitarian intervention” was in fact a grotesque farce and huge war crime.

But the political class and punditry in this country do not attack Hillary for war crimes, or for promoting lies to validate a war of aggression. Rather, they charge her and the State Department with failure to protect U.S. ambassador to Libya John Christopher Stevens and other U.S. nationals from the attack that occurred in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.


-the real issue about bengazi http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/02/11/the-warmongering-record-of-hillary-clinton/


  1. Hillary Clinton is Funded by Financial Criminals

Last week we got as close as we could to politicians wearing sponsors on their clothes like NASCAR drivers. 17 year old Nicholas Rubin from Seattle invented a browser plug-in that displays campaign contribution data on any web page when you hover on a politician’s name. You can download it for free at allaregreen.us. Way to go kid!

According to Opensecrets.org, among Hillary’s top donors since 1999 are individuals employed by a rogue’s gallery of financial crooks who helped orchestrate the 2008 financial collapse: Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and the notorious Lehman Brothers. If none of these names ring a bell I suggest you read Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone. These people defrauded the world economy out of billions, then looted the US Treasury with the help of their whores in Congress. Not one of them served any time in prison for their crimes.

If we’re going to keep the country from being destroyed we have to have a separation of Wall Street and State.

Sanders proposes to reinstate the Glass-Stegell Act of 1933, an act passed in the wake of the 1929 stock market crash, that separated commercial and investment banking. In other words, broke up the big banks. Glass-Stegall was repealed in 1999 by a big bank friendly Bill Clinton, setting the stage, along with further Bush administration deregulation, for the 2008 collapse.

Hillary Clinton, as Taibbi points out, “has no intention of reinstating Glass-Steagall” and instead “has been pushing an idea that banks aren’t at the root of any financial instability problem”, instead, adopting a ‘few bad apples’ argument that it was the fault of financial criminals lurking in the shadows.

Taibbi continues: “This squeamishness about criticizing banks is laughable to people in the industry. But of course, that’s probably the point – that the average voter won’t know how absurd and desperate it is to point to faceless “shadow” financiers as villains when the real bad guys are famed mega-firms that are right out in the open, with their names plastered all over every second city block.”

In this 2004 interview with Bill Moyers, Elizabeth Warren explains Hillary’s flip flopping on the issue of a bill preventing low income families from declaring bankruptcy.. a bill supporting banks.



  1. Hillary Clinton Wallows in Typical Political Bullshit

I could give dozens of examples of Hillary engaging in political bullshit, but I’ll focus on the most recent one: her implications of sexism against Bernie Sanders.

I’m not calling out this bullshit because I believe sexism doesn’t exist. I’m calling it out because I believe sexism is a real problem. It does exist. Bullshit accusations like this cheapen the real problem by making it seem as though women like Hillary Clinton are just looking for things to complain about by playing the sexism card. Crying wolf on sexism gives power to assholes like Rush Limbaugh, who point to shit like this and use it as a broad brush to paint all progressives with.

Here’s what Bernie said on the issue of gun violence:

As a senator from a rural state what I can tell Secretary Clinton, that all the shouting in the world is not going to do what I would hope all of us want. And that is keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns and end this horrible violence that we are seeing. I believe that there is a consensus in this country. A consensus that says we need to strengthen and expand instant background checks, do away with this gun show loophole, that we have to address the issue of mental health, we have to deal with the straw man purchasing issue, and that when we develop that consensus, we can finally finally do something to address this crisis.

Ten days later, Hillary Clinton decided to respond like this:

I’ve been told to stop, and I quote, “shouting about gun violence”. Well first of all I’m not shouting. It’s just when women talk, some people think we’re shouting.

Hillary knows damn well Bernie used the term “shouting” in the past to describe unproductive dialogue surrounding the issue of gun control. She knows damn well he didn’t mean she was shouting “as a woman.” Bernie Sanders doesn’t think women are shouting when they’re not shouting and Hillary Clinton knows it. She’s not a moron, she knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s generating a big distraction because she can’t compete with Bernie Sanders on real issues. I expect another year of this, and you can expect me to call it out every time it fucking happens.

If you play the victim, you win sympathy from a certain loud constituency who like to police language, have no moral qualms about dishonesty, and know how to play the media, even if most people can see they’re full of bullshit. Those people pimp out real issues for their own narcissistic purposes. And that kind of intellectually dishonest personality is perfectly suiting for Typical Bullshit Politics.

While I do think Hillary Clinton is a better candidate than any Republican, I also live in Oklahoma, a state so red you’d think a communist like Woody Guthrie was from here. I’ll vote for Bernie in the primary. And should he defeat Hillary’s Money machine and get the nomination, I’ll vote for him in the general. But since it’s pretty much pointless to vote for a Democrat in the general election in one of the reddest states in the Union, I’m probably going to do something I haven’t done since I was 18 and voted for Ross Perot… write in some third party weirdo …like this guy…



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