The definitive guide to Sloover

I recently did an interview on Z-104.5 The Edge in Tulsa about a Craigslist ad I posted. Here is it

My best band was Buzzsawyer. We operated out of Chapel Hill North Carolina from I think 2000 – 2004 or something. We played Sleazefests and did a few tours of the entire US, pretty much. We got to record with Steve Baise from the Devil Dogs at his studio in Virginia Beach.  Hasil Adkins used and abused our drummer Matt’s drumset when he came to the Local 506. Here’s the Reverb Nation link

My band before that was Captain Bigwheel. I can’t find anything online of us. But we were a mostly instrumental surf band from Pittsburgh who played in the late 1990s. My favorite review in some zine we got said, “If the Dead Boys made a surf record, this is what it would sound like.” We recorded an album with Al Caiti at Coyote Studios in Brooklyn New York. Al was a real professional who was very patient with us. We got to play at the legendary Pittsburgh punk club, Electric Banana, in the last year before it turned into an Italian restaurant. Johnny and Judy Banana were very kind to us on the night we played there. I’ll never forget my ride in the car with Johnny when we were “goin’ to get ice”

Around 2002 or somewhere in there I made a Christmas album called “Xmas N’at” which people won’t shut up about and make me do shows where I sing these songs and it’s always a disaster. Including songs such as “Santa Claus is Drunk”. Before the Craigslist ad, this was the thing I was most well known for. I’ll have these available for download shortly!

My last band was called Elektro Moto-Men. We jammed out of Pittsburgh in 2014-2015  before I moved to Tulsa. I really liked being in the band. The former guitar player from Captain Bigwheel, Stephen McDonald played drums and my buddy from high school, Abraham Bevilaqua was on bass.

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