Interview with Mark Geisler, author of The TV in the Wall, about a distant father, a tough childhood and the suicide of his twin brother

The TV in the Wall is the title of the autobiographical novel by Pittsburgh author Mark Geisler. Part 1 of the novel tells the story of Mark and his twin brother Michael and their journey through a tumultuous childhood. The twins deal with despondency, abuse, alcoholism, and mental illness from the adults in their life. In high school they face brushes with the law, fist fights, car theft, and drug deals gone bad. While Mark tries to be the more responsible twin, holding down a job at the local hardware store. Michael takes a more adventurous path… Mark paints a portrait of a tragic genius in Michael, who falls too fast into various psychedelic drugs, relationships with rich girls, cliques of friends, and finally into a downward spiral of depression, leading to his suicide at the age of 18.

Download the TV in the Wall in many digital formats including Kindle: in the wall cover

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