I can’t stand dishonesty

Dishonesty is rampant. I’ve been on Youtube watching the Jimmy Kimmel bit “Lie Witness News.” In it, an actor from the Kimmel show plays a reporter who asks random passersby questions based on a false premise, such as, “Do you think it’s insensitive to have a Godzilla movie since it was based on real events?” and “Did you see the speech Martin Luther King gave this morning?” And the ones that made me want to vomit occurred at SXSW in Austin, where they made up band names and asked people about the band, and found several fundamentally dishonest recipients who would just riff on bands invented by Kimmel’s writers. What’s wrong with these people? Are the goddamn insane? Are they afraid to admit they hadn’t heard of a band?

Or are they just all suckers. No wonder consumerism and bad politics and cheap orange billionaires are doing well in presidential polls. Americans are fucking rubes, aren’t we?

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