The Week In Sloov #2, last week til Jan 14

I had two meetings with employment agencies and a job interview at a national grocery store chain.

The first meeting was with a new employment agency which I’m convinced a local company set up so they could bring new hires in without benefits for 90 days. It’s a packing and shipping job at a factory that makes autoparts, which I did before in North Carolina on the receiving end, and it was a tolerable job. Lots of dude coworkers. Dudes are sometimes bigger bitches than women, but they’re easier to tell to fuck off in not so many words. And being a sensitive writer type, working with dudes every day balances me out. It’s a gig where I could really save up a lot of money, get a bit of overtime, and have a car and my debts paid off in a year. Of course my brain always disrupts any of these goals, because after a while I can’t stand it and I want to run off naked in the woods and hunt animals and live in a cave with a cavewoman.

The next meeting was with an employment agency I worked with in the past, and she set me up with a one-day job doing inventory at a high end clothing store in a mall. I might get $35 out of it after taxes, which I will promptly drink.

Then I had an interview at a national chain grocery store. I’ll take the job if they offer it to me but I hope they don’t. I get the feeling that you have to put on some bullshit happy attitude. One of the questions was “How do you have fun at work?” I fumbled over that question as I’ve never had fun at work a day in my life. Well, that’s not true. I used to work in a warehouse in an entirely different building from the corporate office, 4 floors to myself, with no access but through a freight elevator. I’d bring a bottle of whiskey in every day. I was single at the time and a girl I was seeing worked downtown as well, and came by on her lunch hour and gave me a blow job.  That was a fun day at work. But I can’t say that in an interview.

Honesty like that rarely pays the bills, and certainly doesn’t get you a $10 an hour job. Phony motherfuckers never, ever have trouble working, and routinely get shots at the presidency.

Donald Trump is going to speak at the Mabee Center at Oral Roberts University next Wednesday right here in Tulsa, and I’ve reserved a spot. I’ll take a bus down. I mabee drunk, I mabee will get myself kicked out. But I doubt it, I want to be a silent observer to this insanity. I’ve been re-reading Thomas Wolfe’s “I Have a Thing To Tell You” – Wolfe, from North Carolina, became a star in Germany (like Bukowski would decades later) and visited there often. His last visit was in 1936 as the Nazi party was taking over, and the aforementioned novella was an account of him there, mostly on a train.  I wish I could find the book online, so I could quote it. But there was an account on the train of a man dying, then a pretty blonde woman ranting about the Jews, and every problem in the country being the Jews fault. And Wolfe describe how it seemed as though she was trying to convince herself of what she was saying, and isn’t that exactly what’s going on these days in America?

If this freak does become president, I want to be as close as I can to the insanity.  I’ve been watching Hitler speeches for the last couple hours in preparation.

And it’s so fitting that this is at Oral Roberts University, founded by Oral Roberts, one of the biggest wacko charlatan piece of shit televangelists who built a space aged palace from fooling retarded people into giving him money and called it an university. Roberts was perhaps most famous for pleading with his viewers to give him $8 million or God would strike him dead.



I need to do acid and walk around this campus, ORU

The ORU campus was built in 1969 to attract young people, and so the architecture is a weird mixture of psychedelic and Jesus.  It looks like it was designed by the people who made The Jetsons, or Barbarella.


CityPlex Towers built by Oral Roberts University

The radio station I was on, 104.5 The Edge is located in CityPlex Towers, three wizard of oz looking buildings built by Oral Roberts’ money that he coerced from stupid people.  In the elevator I asked Chuck the DJ if ORU still owned the building, because when I went on the air I was planning to ask people for $8000 or God would kill me, and I didn’t want them to get in trouble. He said it didn’t, but I never brought that up.


Mabee Center, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa OK, where Trump is speaking

So, how fitting that Trump speaks there, a man who is campaigning on mass delusion in the Mabee Center, an arena built on mass delusion.



In more sane Sloover news, Sunday night I plan on going down to the Tulsa for Bernie Sanders Debate Watch Party at the IDL Ballroom in Tulsa. I’ve never been there before but I’m sure, like everywhere I go in Tulsa (except for the Mabee Center next Tuesday) there will be friendly, cool, intelligent, sane people there.

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