“…the phobia was designed to get me out…”

“I worked half time and then I wrote the other half. And one day I was standing in the record store and my old bogey hit me. I thought I was choking…

“So I went to the boss and said, I’m sick. I have to go home. I got one of the salesmen to drive me home and I called and said I can’t come to work, I’m sick and I don’t know what’s wrong.

“Well what was wrong was that I didn’t want to work in the store. I wanted to write. I simply stayed home and wrote and the first month I sold something to Galaxy and then pretty soon I was in orbit. But the phobia was designed to get me out of that store. In other words it was designed to press me to do that which I yearned to do.

– Philip K. Dick, quoted by Gregg Rickman in the introduction to The Early Work of Philip K. Dick Volume 1: The Variable Man and Other Stories

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