09/18/2014 3:12pm

facebook is the matrix, booze is the matrix, news is the matrix, work is the matrix, traffic is the matrix, assholes are the matrix, junk food is the matrix, authorities, noise, firearms, bad arguments from sophisticated morons, people who can’t be alone for an hour, people who won’t move over on the sidewalk or the bus, the president of the united states, the patriarchs of churches, the matriarchs of offices, the nagging inquisitors, the gossipers, cowards, shit-talkers, businessmen, douchebags, dopey state representatives, whiners, jagoffs, pollution, lies and general inconsistencies, the endless war, the endless economy, the endless insomnia from endless brain chatter, bottomless coffee, bottomless wealth, infinite hunger, infinite dissatisfaction, infinite search for socially acceptable ways to lose it

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