Help me get to the DNC!

map-of-united-states-2Update: 7/11/2016

Thanks to generous donations from friends, I’ve raised $270 out of my $500 goal! Thank you all so much!

Every bit helps. Thank you very much for supporting my creative work. It means a great deal to me! CLICK HERE TO SEND ME TO PHILLY:

Hi! I’m Sloover.

I’m an independent writer. And I need your help to get to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

The convention and surrounding events take place the week of July 24th. This is slated to be one of the most historic and controversial conventions in decades, with marches and rallies going on all around the city. And I want to offer you an independent point of view

I’m going to write a feature length, in-depth article that will appear on on Monday August 3rd. I’m also going to do an audio podcast and a short video about my experience there. I plan on interviewing as many people as possible and doing lots of research into the topics. I’m also attending many events around the city, such as PoliticalFest, an event being advertised on the official convention page as “a one-of-a-kind festival celebrating political history, government and the road to the White House.”

I really believe we need independent voices on the ground. Not just to document the convention in real time on social media, which I will be doing, but to do the hard research, thinking, and writing that will offer a counterpoint to the corporate media narrative that we’re all used to and that most of us are sick of. I’m not going to be at high dollar fundraisers, or exclusive parties, and I’d have to ask you for much more money to even step foot in the Wells Fargo Center. I’m going to be out on the street in Philly, listening to what the people outside the heavily guarded fortress have to say.

It’s impossible to do any real journalistic work without some source of funding, and that’s why I’m asking you for the bare minimum.

$500 will cover the cost of bus travel to and from Philly, public transportation while I’m there, food, PolitcalFest tickets, and my biggest expense, lodging.

I’m looking at AirBnb.. But If you live Philly and can support me in any way with a place to crash, I’ll be forever indebted to you, and forever grateful.

Now if this thing doesn’t take off, and I don’t make enough money to go, I’ll refund it to everyone in full.

I know a lot of people like my writing, and this is the way I’m asking you to support me.

Give as little as you want, as much as you can, and I thank all of you sincerely from the bottom of my heart!

Read my article covering the Trump/Palin rally in Tulsa in January 2016

Read my article covering Pittsburgh Pride, June 2014.

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