About Sloover

I’m a writer and musician who lives in Tulsa Oklahoma.
I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA.
My past gigs include: small farmer, factory worker, publishing company warehouse coordinator, university research assistant.
My writing ranges from comedy to current events.

Articles that have gone viral:

“Beating Back Progress on the Pennsyltucky Streets” – about the 2014 Pittsburgh Pride parade and police arrest of a 19 year old woman

“Peaceful Protesters Roughed up by Trump Supporters: A Journey into a Reality Built by Greedy Maniacs” – about the January 2016 Trump/Palin Rally in Tulsa OK. The phone video I took there was carried on Raw Story

My viral craigslist ad (warning: comedy)

I’ve also written about the January 2003 Iraq War Protests in Washington DC.

I am proud to announce I will be attending the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. I’ll be there July 24-28. Generous donations from friends, family, and followers of all things Sloover have enabled me to attend.

I plan to start a Patreon in the future and eventually support myself with writing and reader-supported independent media.

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