Five Facts About Gene Wilder Because He Just Died and I’m Making $2 on This Article Writing For a Content Mill

1. Gene Wilder acted in movies

That’s right. Gene Wilder, God rest his soul, acted in movies. Some of the movies were very entertaining. People would go to see them. A lot of the time they would laugh. Other times, cry. Other times, they would have other emotions.

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2. Gene Wilder acted in movies with other famous actors you might happen to be Googling at the moment

Gene Wilder acted with other actors including Richard Pryor, Mel Brooks, Madeline Kahn, Woody Allen, Burt Reynolds, John Carrandine, Tony Randall, and Peter Boyle. They acted with him, too.

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3. Anecdote about a time Gene Wilder did something weird backstage

Gene Wilder wasn’t just the type of guy to go backstage and stare at a wall. He did other things, like have fun. You should be getting really excited about how glamorous and fancy Hollywood is. This is an anecdote about this one time where he did something weird backstage, that may or may not have involved his being sexually deviant or on substances.

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4. Gene Wilder was nice to a fan

Here’s another anecdote about a time Gene Wilder was nice to a fan. “I’ll never forget that time when Gene Wilder was nice to me,” said the fan.

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5. Here’s a video of a late night talk show host talking about how great Gene Wilder was back when he was alive

This is a late night talk show host, hosting the late night talk show he hosts. He met Gene Wilder once, and Gene Wilder was nice to him. Gene Wilder either gave the late night talk show host very good advice, or better yet, helped his career in some way.

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Sloover wrote this piece of shit and has the nerve to put a bio underneath it like he’s some kind of real writer.

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