News Anal. for Tues 2/21/17


Oklahoma Republican Whores Take Forever to Acknowledge Science Behind Fossil Fuel Industry’s Manmade Earthquakes….

Source: Tulsa World, Sunday 2/19/2017

Here’s how Oklahoma Republicans operate:

  • Take money from fossil fuel industry
  • Occupy public office
  • Slash taxes on fossil fuel industry
  • Allow fossil fuel industry to rape the state of Oklahoma
  • Spend millions in public funds to fix rape with band aid

fallinIn this case the fossil fuel industry, which should be destroyed so we can maintain the planet as habitable for species including our own, decided to rape the state of Oklahoma by injecting billions of gallons of fracking wastewater into the earth’s crust, causing earthquakes.

The Queen of the Vacant Stare, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin attempted to deny irrefutable geological science demonstrating wastewater injection is causing a rise in strong earthquakes, up until February 2015. aaaaafallinquoteShe did that because she’s a prostitute for the fossil fuel industry and that’s what they told her to say. Finally in April 2015, when the quakes were at their peak, Fallin’s office was forced to release a statement that she “does not believe the increase in earthquakes in Oklahoma can be explained by natural causes.”

So then, she used $1.4 million in Oklahoma’s emergency fund to increase funding for seismic monitoring and research.

Good to know that all it takes to fund science in a red state is a fossil fuel industry disaster.

Milo Stephanopoulos or whatever his name is Successfully Markets Himself by Trolling Liberals, Now he Can Sell Books to Idiots Just Like Ann Coulter

Source: everyfuckingwhere

The more you hate him, the less he’ll go away.

Narcissists use the power of trolling for evil, selfish purposes. Ignoring them takes away their power. They feed on any type of attention… praise, condemnation, sexual attraction… any type of attention makes them more powerful. Hate them enough and they’ll become a successful, best-selling author, nationally syndicated AM radio host, group that gets on TV picketing veterans’ funerals, or President of the United States.

Donald Trump is the Biggest, Big League, I Mean Really Tremendous, Establishment Insider There Ever Was.. Here’s how he’s Fucking over Us Working People

Source: Democracy Now! 2/20/17 and 2/21/17

If you look at Donald Trump and think “anti-Establishment outsider”, then you don’t know what the Establishment is. A rich kid son of a racist real estate developer, Trump rose to prominence in the 1980s by becoming the godfather of generations of silver-spoonfed media bimbos.

Staging publicity stunt after publicity stunt, King Douche used all the negative tabloid attention to sell his “brand”, and more important to show off meh meh meh how fabulous I am and look at these models I’m banging and look at all my millions of dollars, and how rich and famous and these hotels and casinos, uh boo do boo boo.

Donald Trump is like Clark Griswold if he made a career out of hitting on Christie Brinkley in a hotel bar by telling her he’s the hotel owner.


Until we hit some kind of weird mind warping black hole some time in 2015, everyone in the world including conservative white Americans knew Donald Trump was the biggest douchebag who ever walked the planet.

If he would have kept his ego in his own tabloid gossip world, that would have been alright.

Instead he’s going to rape the average American up the ass.

The Trump administration wants to overturn Dodd Frank. Elizabeth Warren explains why that’s going to fuck the economy up:

And the facts show that Donald Trump is wrong and his chief economic adviser is wrong about every major reason that they’ve given to tear up Dodd-Frank. Commercial and consumer lending is robust. Bank profits are at record levels. And our banks are blowing away their global competitors.

So, why go after banking regulations? The president and the team of Goldman Sachs bankers that he has put in charge of the economy want to scrap the rules so they can go back to the good old days, when bankers could take huge risks and get huge bonuses if they got lucky, knowing that they could get taxpayer bailouts if their bets didn’t pay off. We did this kind of regulation before, and it resulted in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. We cannot afford to go down this road again.

Also he’s trying to deregulate big business, which sucks for the public – it sucks for natural resources, it sucks for people working for these companies, and it sucks for customers buying products from these motherfuckers. Right wing Republican politicians try to sell this bullshit to people as “that big government isn’t gonna be so hard on your mom and pop small business” but they don’t give one fuck about small business. They want to make it easier for the Wal Marts of the world to take over markets and make sure no small business ever exists anywhere.

Zuckerberg Writes a Manifesto

Source: Zuckerberg’s Manifesto

He has some great ideas about “building community” and all that but dude:

  • Why the fuck do you need to know my real name, where I work, my phone number, my credit card number?
  • Which they have now because I wanted to promote posts. By the way the first fucking “News Anal.” that I promoted cost me $10 and you estimated it would reach 3900 people, and it only reached 800? And you want me to expect you have all the algorithms in place to build a harmonious society through Facebook? Go fuck yourself dork.
  • Why do actors, entertainers, writers, bands… who created a fan base and drove traffic to Facebook have to pay to reach their fans now? Because you’re a greedy cunt, Mark Zuckerberg, that’s why.

Greed does not build community, it builds empire.


This Lady’s Name is MADONNA THUNDER HAWK and She’s a  Bad Ass #NoDAPL

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