News Anal. for Mon. 3/20/17

Arkansas Wants to Hurry Up and Kill All Its Death Row Inmates Because Their Supply of Murder Drugs are About to Expire. I’m Thinking About Camping There This Spring

I’m not fucking kidding. Arkansas wants to kill 8 men next month on death row because April is the last month their supply of hard-to-find lethal injection drugs will last before their expiration date.

New York Times:

In a statement on Friday, Mr. Hutchinson said that it was necessary to schedule the executions close together because of doubts about the future availability of one of three drugs the state uses in its lethal-injection procedure. State officials have previously said that the expiration date would pass in April for Arkansas’s supply of midazolam, a drug that has been used in several botched and gruesome lethal injections in other states in recent years.

Why don’t they just put them all in a firing squad? Or, as George Carlin once said in a bit about the death penalty, catapult them right into a brick wall, one after the other. Naked upside down crucifixion at halftime at the Superbowl!

It’s an old tradition of hypocrisy we have here in America, where you preach against murder by murdering quietly.

From a March 9 New York Times Editorial:

The paradox is that it’s not hard to kill people if you’re willing to tolerate some gore. Arkansas could change its law to allow the use of a firing squad, for instance, which is faster and more reliable than lethal injection. Instead, like almost all other states, it has opted for a “medically sterile aura of peace,” as Justice Sotomayor wrote in February, dissenting from the court’s decision not to hear a challenge to Alabama’s use of midazolam. More bluntly, Americans want to indulge their bloodlust without having to think about the blood.

I’m not one way or the other about the death penalty… I mean in a perfect world where most of people put to death by the state weren’t definitely black, probably retarded, and possibly innocent… but the point of both the New York Times and George Carlin is that if we’re going to kill people, we should be proud, as a country, to kill people.

In public schools, kids say the Pledge of Allegiance to Old Glory every day. And while they say the pledge, children starting at kindergarten age all the way up to the 12th grade in every public school in American should also watch a video of a retarded black man being executed in Texas. They should be told that the man is being killed by America, and that sometimes murder is just, and they should erase from their minds any possibility the United States ever does anything wrong.

Text of my Proposed Bill:  “What Public Schoolchildren Should Watch While Saying the Pledge of Allegiance”

Mondays while saying the Pledge: All public school students in every classroom in the United States of America will watch a video of a retarded black man being executed by the state of Texas

Tuesdays while saying the Pledge: All public school students in every classroom in the United States of America will watch video of a wedding in Yemen being bombed by US drones Yemen is where 7 million people are close to famine right now because of the US “war on terror”. (Another brave drone “pilot” just took out a mosque in Syria where brown people were praying to the wrong god)

Wednesdays while saying the Pledge: All public school students in every classroom in the United States of America will watch video of a child being raped at Abu Ghraib

Thursdays while saying the Pledge: All public school students in every classroom in the United States of America will watch a video of an American dying of a preventable disease because they can’t afford health insurance

Fridays while saying the Pledge: All public school students in every classroom in the United States of America will watch a cartoon explaining uncontroversial evidence of climate change

If this is what you’re voting for, you should be proud to teach it to your children.

Hillary Clinton is Planning Some Kind of Comeback

A year or so ago, I made a video called “Why I will Never Vote for Hillary Clinton.” Then in November, I voted for Hillary Clinton. She was the best candidate on my ballot. The other two guys were idiots, and the Green Party didn’t bother to work for ballot access here. Oklahoma is one of those states that goes Republican no matter who you vote for, so it’s a good state to cast a protest vote without having to worry whether your vote will cause the evil of two lessors to win.

On Friday, Hillary gave a speech at Society of Irish Women’s 19th annual St. Patrick’s Day dinner in Scranton, PA.  The speech was 23 minutes. The first 17 minutes she spoke about her ties to Scranton. I’ll paraphrase the rest: “The country is divided and we have to work to unite it.” No specific issues were addressed. She seems to be launching some kind of thing she’ll do. I have no idea what that thing is. Hopefully it has nothing to do with running for president again in 2020.

Meanwhile, Everybody Loves Bernie Sanders Except for the Corporate Whores in the DNC (and the other right wing party, of course)

In news we had known prior to the 2016 election, Bernie Sanders remains the most popular politician in America.

No elected official included in the survey had a larger net favorability — overall favorable views minus unfavorable ones — than Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), continuing Sanders’s strong showing in such polls.

Somewhat surprisingly, the second-highest net favorability was held by Planned Parenthood.

This is a Fox News poll. FOX NEWS. It’s almost like all Democrats have to do is listen to the working class about their problems, and then work to solve those problems. Sure, some of the citizenry might get distracted with GOP bigoted distractions of the very very serious transgender bathroom issue and those menacing brown people lurking everywhere. But most Americans want real issues addressed, and would rather listen to them then listen about how horrible the other candidate is. And tons of working class women, whether they are pro-life or pro-choice, have turned to Planned Parenthood for medical care.

That seems like a logical election strategy for the DNC, doesn’t it? Only large amounts of donations from greedy business interests would prevent a winning strategy like that.

And because of these donations, the DNC is struggling to blame Russia for interfering in our election, of which no evidence has thus far been provided.

And remember what the “leaks” revealed, no matter who was behind them? They revealed the DNC was actively trying to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Why? Because he’s not a corporate whore. His opinions and his real concern for the working class run counter to what the Clintons have turned the Democratic Party into in the past few decades: Republican Lite.

Here are My Favorite Tributes Written About Chuck Berry This Past Weekend

Little Steven:

Chuck Berry was the King of Rock and Roll. Period. Richard brought the Passion, Elvis the Heartbreak, Bo the Beat, Jerry Lee the Abandon, Buddy let the Everyman in, Chuck brought the Storytelling. The words that Bob Dylan would evolve into an Artform. He led the teenage takeover of Pop Music that the Beatles and Stones would complete. He invented Rock guitar and made it look like fun. He gave the previously ignored age group between adolescence and adulthood an identity, a mythology, a chance to see themselves. He gave them Respect. And those teenagers would return that respect to Rock and Roll for the next 60 years and counting.

Deke Dickerson (click for the photo):

So here’s my Chuck Berry story: In 1999, I was playing at Blueberry Hill in St. Louis. We were eating in the restaurant upstairs, and we saw that Chuck Berry was dining just a few tables away. We waited until he got up to leave, and approached him as he was waiting on the valet for his car. “Chuck, can we take a photo?”
CB: “Take all the photos you want, but I DONT POSE.” We took photos, which look predictably like shots taken with an angry wax figure of Chuck Berry. Bobby Horton @rockabobby might have the photo somewhere, I can’t find it. Then, I frantically looked for a piece of paper. All I could find was a five dollar bill.
“Mr. Berry, would you sign this five dollar bill, to Deke?”
Chuck took my fiver, signed it, then put it in his shirt pocket.
Bobby and I stood there, waiting for the joke.
Chuck looked off in the distance, my fiver in his pocket.
His car came, and his date/girlfriend (a young blonde) got in the car. Bobby laughed, nervously. Was Chuck really going to take my five dollar bill? The anticipation went on for what seemed like an eternity.
CB: “Here you go, man…”
Chuck hands me the bill, gets in his Cadillac, and drives away.
A younger gentleman who was standing on the sidewalk watching said, “I wonder if he pees in her mouth, too?”


Chuck Berry IS rock and roll! It’s sad day for rock and roll, but his music will live on forever. Hail, hail rock and roll!!!!!

Ben Dumm:

I heard him for the first time when I was 6 years old. I’ve been trying to play a guitar like him ever since.

Jerry Lee via Jimmy Brad:

Carl Sagan, from 1986:

And last but not least, Marty McFly:

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