I’m tired of having opinions

News Anal. was my longest ever running blog feature. Usually they only last an average of 2 weeks. I hope you thought it was funny and agreed with everything. I may or may not continue it.

Yesterday was the first day I decided not to have an opinion about anything. I dedicated myself to have no opinions about not only politics, but whether or not I enjoyed breakfast, whether or not I should have a drink, whether or not the dog should be pacing in the bedroom while I fold laundry, etc.

Yesterday I had three opinions. I “liked” a friend’s photo on Facebook. I told a friend “I got way too drunk last week”. And I told the dog to come in the house.

Today I had to drop Redhead off at the airport. I got angry at a driver, which is an opinion that his driving was bad. I felt myself get angry at another driver, but I stopped and realized that it was an opinion.

The boundary between opinion and no-opinion is sometimes blurry. I will respond with no opinions.



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