Why I’m Not Using Social Media this Summer, as though you care

It’s a distraction to work I want to do.

So from June 1 – September 3 I’ll not be using Facebook nor Twitter, other than to advertise writing I do on here, invite people to my house for parties via Facebook events, or check events I’m invited to. And since I primarily keep in touch with friends, I’ll use Facebook messenger.

I got this idea from Kelly Carlin who last summer took what she called a “social media sabbatical”. This summer she’s doing the same thing, and teaching an online class to go along with it. It seems to me to be Zen Buddhism with a sense of humor for the modern world. (I’m not being paid by Kelly to stealth promote it, which is another thing that creeps me out about social media. I would gladly take her money, but she wouldn’t want a creepy asshole like me promoting things for her).

The distraction takes me down a rabbit hole of anxiety and racing thoughts, so I can’t focus on work that requires focus. I have dozens of ideas during the week for creative projects, but when I try to hunker down focus on one, the next idea takes over. This is the result of several years of exposure to the internet, but especially social media. Social media has reprogrammed my brain to think like it. Even as I type this I’m wondering about the response to the Portland white power terrorist’s courtroom appearance, I’m halfway through images of an artist who puts googly eyes on random objects, Kathy Griffin is on my mind and I don’t want her there. Stop raping my mind, Kathy Griffin. I’ll watch your special. And out here in real life the laundry needs to go in the dryer, the dishes are half done, and i have undeveloped ideas scrawled on pieces of paper littering the house.

Social media is part of burning down the old universe. I’ve contributed enough. Now it’s time to build a new universe.



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