My vision for Acid Canoe, by no means a finalized vision, but we have time

Four people

Four people will meet somewhere on the banks of one of three rivers, the Ohio, the Allegheny, and the Monongahela… at sunrise on August 4, 2018… and set up a temporary camp

The four people will be dressed in costume

The costume will be a mix between a pro wrestler and a famous person from the American Revolution. And that person will have a name, and a character developed by that time (August 4, 2018 at sunrise)

Franklin Hogan/Hogan Franklin is already taken.

The four fictional characters, at sunrise, along the banks of one of the three great rivers of Pittsburgh, will first ingest fictional LSD

There will be a canoe

We will wait for a while at the camp. We’ll watch the sunrise, we’ll light a fire, we’ll talk, we’ll finalize and perfect our strategy. We’ll say goodbye to the people who brought us. We’ll be left alone with no way out but by canoe.

Then in a couple of hours, when the time is right, we’ll pick up our paddles and float that motherfucker right to the point

We will all have horns that we will blow at a certain point, and then flowers will float out of the sky

So bring a trumpet, saxaphone, clown honky honky horn, or conch

And I’ll position the canoe at a point, and Hogan Franklin/Franklin Hogan will say “Blow thy horns, brother!”

And we’ll all blow our various horns as loud as we can, and then flowers will fall out of the sky.

Also we probably should be a band for a few months before that and do a gig that night somewhere. It’s like 14 months from now.

It’s Andy Warhol’s 90th birthday that coming Monday

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