Great article on the futility of modern liberalism I read while withdrawing my labor at work today

…called “All Worked Up and Nowhere to Go” by Amber A’Lee Frost

She uses the Women’s Strike as a center piece. A thing I “supported” (attempted to promote) by posting about it on Facebook, more than most of my friends, knowing it would be a futile exercise. I wanted to promote the idea of a general strike.  Frost:

Men who questioned the strike’s utility were branded sexist; women who did the same were simply ignored. It was reminiscent of the Hillary campaign’s rhetoric: every feminist who didn’t fall in line was suddenly invisible; every man with a criticism of a woman was suddenly manifesting a deep-seated and pathological misogyny.

And of 2017 liberalism in general:

What the Women’s Strike did reveal is that the self-appointed Trump Resistance is stuck in a compulsive loop, perseverating on symptoms and self-help rather than tackling the disease. The “battles” you see making headlines in our claustrophobic community have become microscopically petty: Who speaks at what campus? Who made what problematic joke? Which left magazine has a bad take and who will “take responsibility”? None of these squabbles are politics; none of them build power. I’m sorry to say, even punching the odd Nazi doesn’t build power. (It raises spirits, but little else.) We’re forever resting on the laurels of feel-good symbolic outcry rather than the material victories that make our day-to-day lives better. It suits the ruling class just fine.

The answer is of course:

We need to be able to build labor coalitions and strike for real—meaning we can shut everything down until our demands are met.


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