Paul Krugman RichPeopleSplains Why We Can’t Have Single Payer Now

In today’s New York Times, Paul Krugman argues in favor of a turd sandwich instead of starvation, the Official Debate Strategy of the Democratic Party. In a piece he calls “Three Legs Good, No Legs Bad”, Krugman explains to us dumb non-wealthy Americans why a three-legged stool — the Obamacare offered by the heath-insurance-industry funded Democrats — is better than nothing — offered by the health-insurance-industry funded Republicans.

“Stool” is a euphemism doctors and nurses use for shit.

Krugman gets to why the poor and middle class should all eat shit and die, but not before a wussy-ass attempt to explain why we can’t do single payer right now you guys:

Suppose you want to make health coverage available to everyone, including people with pre-existing conditions. Most of the health economists I know would love to see single-payer — Medicare for all. Realistically, however, that’s too heavy a lift for the time being.

A public option was too heavy a lift for Democrats when they controlled Congress and the White House in 2008. Obama did what Democrats do best. First he campaigned on single-payer healthcare. Then, after he was elected, pushed for a public option in his insurance-industry-friendly plan. That is until right before Obamacare was passed, then Obama backed off of the public option. Why? Because he was paid to do that by his health industry donors.

Bullshit the public, then loot them.

I apologize to anyone reading this who is so innocent that this comes as shocking information.

Krugman further explains from his mansion why single payer bills like the ones in California can’t happen right now:

For one thing, the insurance industry would not take kindly to being eliminated, and has a lot of clout.

Thanks for that brilliant fucking economic analysis, John Maynard Keynes. Who gives a shit how kindly the insurance industry takes it? We live in a democracy, don’t we? Because one industry doesn’t like something that benefits the public, the assumption is we should bow to them and let them keep getting rich off of sick and dying people. That’s called oligarchy. And Americans have a choice between a pack of fucking idiots who openly support oligarchy, and a pack of fucking snobby, arrogant wimps being paid by the same people funding the idiots, who pretend to be against oligarchy but block every attempt by the people to actually fight it.

And let’s examine that clout. The clout of the heath insurance industry is so massive that they got California Democrats to block their own statewide single-payer healthcare bill.

Anthony Rendon, the Democratic assembly leader in California, a liberal heavily funded by the health insurance industry, was for single payer before he was against it.

David Sirota writes in International Business Times

In California last week, Democratic state Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon helped his and his party’s corporate donors block a Democrat-sponsored bill to create a universal health care program in which the government would be the single payer.

Rendon’s decision shows how progressives’ ideal of universal health care remains elusive — even in a liberal state where government already foots 70 percent of the total health care bill.

Until Rendon’s move, things seemed to be looking up for Democratic single-payer proponents in deep blue California, which has been hammered by insurance premium increases. There, the Democratic Party — which originally created Medicare — just added a legislative supermajority to a Democratic-controlled state government that oversees the world’s sixth largest economy. That 2016 election victory came as a poll showed nearly two-thirds of Californians support the creation of a taxpayer-funded universal health care system in a state whose population is roughly the size of Canada — which already has such a system.

Krugman continues to explain why single-payer will never, ever happen from a laptop that costs more than I make in three months:

Also, a switch to single-payer would require a large tax increase. Most people would gain more from the elimination of insurance premiums than they would lose from the tax hike, but that would be a hard case to make in an election campaign.

No it wouldn’t. Democrats could explain it very simply via all those TV ads they buy every election season. Instead of explaining why your shit stinks better than Donald Trump’s, Democrats could explain simple math.

Here’s my campaign ad for the Democrats for 2018. Go ahead and use it for free. Just run this MS Paintjob for 30 seconds on Youtube, and you win Congress:

The Krugman continues, as he farts out Whole Foods hummus gas:

Beyond that, most Americans under 65 are covered by their employers, and are reasonably happy with that coverage. They would understandably be nervous about any proposal to replace that coverage with something else, no matter how truthfully you assured them that the replacement would be better.

First of all, most Americans aren’t covered by their employer. The insurance they buy is a group rate for their place of work that comes out of their paycheck. And the poorer you are, the shittier your health insurance options are at your job. The richer you are, the more likely you’re happy with your insurance, because we have a greed-based healthcare system that gives you care based on where you are on the economic ladder. A dork who writes for the New York Times and lives in a mansion gets better healthcare than me, and you, and certainly a homeless person.

But by all means, Paul, let’s prioritize care for the nerves of hapless illiterate rich people who are shaken to the core by the prospect of poor people having access to basic healthcare. They might have to sit next to one in the waiting room! Who is going to foot the bill when they piss all over their fainting couches in horror?

So the Affordable Care Act went for incrementalism — the so-called three-legged stool.

Do you know what single-payer means for poor and working-class people who are sick or dying and have zero to crappy health insurance right now? Not a three-legged stool. It means a hospital bed.

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