This May Be Controversial, but I Don’t Care for Nazis

I really hate to offend. I know I have readers who don’t agree with me on everything! It’s okay. Now get ready. I’ve had this thought for quite sometime, and I’ve finally drummed up enough courage to speak my mind. This is one of those radical ideas that I can no longer sit on…

I just plain don’t care for Nazis.

Sorry! Please don’t be upset. It’s just the way I feel. I’d rather be honest, even if the truth hurts, than hide my true feelings and lead you on.

Hear me out you guys.

It’s not the haircuts. Shaved up to the top of the head and parted to the side like they’ve just spent several hours marching in the German wind is quite dapper. Marching in the wind or ready to make aggressive investments.

It’s not the art or the uniforms either. They had some really cool swords and badges and stuff! And I find the combination of red, black, and white aesthetically pleasing.

Nor is it the music in particular. Skrewdriver’s early stuff wasn’t bad! That was before they became nazis, but still. Even their later stuff, if you take away the lyrics, and the singing, and the boring oi punk beat and chord progressions, and the songs, and the shitheads in the band, you have drums and guitars and amps, and who doesn’t like instruments?

It’s not that President Donald Trump and everybody who continues to support him are clearly Nazi sympathizers. To no Black or Jewish person’s surprise, that still amounts to 35% of all Americans.  They say that’s a historically low approval rating for a president this early into his presidency. But you gotta look at it this way: not bad for a Nazi!

It’s not that I don’t care for Republicans because I am a big leftie. I mean some people just choose the red team or the blue team, and then hate the other side no matter what. Not me. I vote on an issue by issue basis. Except when the candidate is a Nazi. Maybe I can have a deep psychological evaluation and discover that indeed I do only hate that Donald Trump, a Nazi, is President of the United States because I’m brainwashed by Democrats. But I don’t think so.

It wasn’t Hitler’s oratory powers either. I mean the guy spoke so well. The yelling, the gesturing, can you blame the German public? It was mesmerizing. Also I think his paintings were okay. I’m not such an art buff that Hitler’s paintings would be the sole reason I hate Nazis.

I think maybe the reason I hate Nazis is their adopted ideology based in fear and hatred of people unlike them. Nazis say that white people are the master race and all other people should be killed. To prove this, they killed 6 million people who had a different religion from them, because they were so scared of them.

Again, I don’t want to offend 35% of my fellow Americans, but I’m gonna go ahead and say what’s on my mind: The ideology and actions of Nazis is just wrong. I am 100% against it. I kinda like the idea that all people were born equal and have a right to equal protection under the law. I sure as heck agree with the law that says you can’t starve millions of people in labor camps. Hopefully that one stays on the books.

Now I know this is a brave stance, and those of you who agree with me, please, hold your applause. Like I said in a post the other day: I’m no hero. Just a guy with an opinion.

Also while I’m at it, I’m glad the North won the Civil War, and that Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, and that we don’t have slavery any more.

Sorry again!



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