Eclipse shadows through the trees

I was walking to the liquor store during the peak of the eclipse. It was very weird. I was about to contact someone to find out if the weed I had was dipped in PCP. All the workers were outside in their various uniforms – Starbucks green, Goodwill blue, Target red… I felt like I was in the Wizard of Oz. Definitely eerie. Eerie and queer. Queerie.

The shadows do an interesting thing during the eclipse when the light shines through the trees. It’s the pinhole viewer effect, but cooler. I should have just sat under a tree the whole time. Of course I looked directly at it. I damaged my vision a bit I think, but I didn’t stare more than 2 seconds three or four times. Other than human beings, I didn’t notice any queer behavior in the animal kingdom. We’re dog-sitting a big old puppy who gets along with our dog for a friend of mine who went North to see the full eclipse.

Here’s pictures I took in Tulsa at around 1:20pm today

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