rachel’s home

I spent the day cleaning the house. There were brownish red or reddish brown drops in the bathtub and on the toilet in the big bathroom. I don’t know from what. I’m sure it happened between Tuesday and Thursday of last week. At one point my arm was bleeding. I only remember that because I sent a picture of it to someone and found it later when I was looking through the conversation. And when I took a shower I saw there there was a weird puncture wound there. I have no idea. PooPoo Doggie (that’s her nickname. Her real name is Skrumpy, short for Skrumptious) had her energy back today. Yesterday she was hungover from the previous day because she got to play with Milo, her only dog friend in the world. We were both excited because Rachel was coming home after being away for a week. Skrump seemed to know. We left for the airport shortly after 5pm, so the traffic was heavy and slow, and there’s construction going out that way. We met Rachel outside the baggage claim. Skrump went nuts. Rachel got in the car and we kissed. She’s listening to her audiobook in the bath now that I cleaned my blood out of earlier.

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