I don’t know why, but I keep yeast in a drawer with miscellaneous utensils like wine openers and cookie cutters and chinese restaurant brand chopsticks. I keep the kool aid in the knife drawer when I have kool aid. That’s the only thing in there besides knives. Knives and kool aid. I put a packet of fast rising yeast in a glass with warm water with sugar and stirred it around. It always clumps up so I have to mush it on the side of the glass with the spoon. I put 3 and a half cups of flour in a mixing bowl. Then I sat down and read a book for a few minutes. When the warm sugar water and yeast in the glass had a stout like head I poured it into the flour. And mixed it. I left it sit there. After that I walked down to the liquor store. It was pleasant outside. “HOLY SHIT this is nice”, I said. I got red wine. Then I went to the grocery store and got an onion, green pepper, hot italian sausage, and a can of crushed tomatoes. I tried to redeem a $7 winner scratch off ticket but it was expired. Then I walked home. Skrumpy was excited when I got in the house and wanted to play. I put the dough in the mixer for 10 minutes on stir. After eight minutes the mixer has shaken loose the Frankenstein pin in its neck and has hopped almost to the edge of the counter like it’s thinking about jumping. I pulled it back and shoved the pin back in there and it made it for the last two minutes. I let Skrump outside to get some sun. The dog and the dough are resting.

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