Endorsements for Today’s Election in Tulsa Nov 14 2017

Going to the Polls today in Tulsa. These are my endorsements:

NO on Proposition 1: It allows the city to come in a cut your grass if they consider it a nuisance without notice. I’m taking a libertarian stance on this one. There at least needs to be a notice if they’re going to change the landscaping
of your property.

YES on Proposition 2: just updates the system so that city council members can receive notice of special meetings by email instead of by hand

NO on Proposition 3: gives city council more power to declare emergencies outside of established ordinances for such declarations. Where do these people come off? Oh no somebody is peeing on the golden driller, call out the SWAT team. Not that it’s that extreme but it gives the city council more power to be above the law.

NO on Proposition 4: It moves the city elections from November to August. This seems like an attempt to involve less citizens in politics. People vote in fucking November. Enough citizens are not involved in elections. Proposition 4 sucks.

NO on Proposition 5: It gives too much power to the mayor to appoint people on the redistricting committee. Currently the power is distributed equally in the political parties to appoint representatives. They claim this will “take the politics out” which is the first sign of bullshit. Redistricting is as political as it gets. A
Republican mayor will appoint blue dog democrats to the committee, and poor neighborhoods will be further shoved out of city politics, in my opinion.

NO on Proposition 6: It is designed to give the police more political power in city government by doing away with restrictions on allowing city employees to be part of political campaigns. This is the same police force that a few years ago allowed the sheriffs drinkin’ buddy to run around with a gun and play cop until he murdered a guy. Fuck you

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