I love Roseanne

Always will. I don’t care if shallow people want to judge me as a nazi. I don’t agree with her way more than you don’t agree with her. You’re a bully puritanical asshole. Stop ruining the culture. If the Roseanne show was allowed to continue that would have helped the culture and healing art is an opposing force to Trumpism, even if she voted for him, I don’t care. You people who are wetting your panties ruining brilliant people’s careers over a shitty thing they said or did that didn’t hurt anyone who isn’t melodramatic are assholes and most people are sick and tired of you. Roseanne is the most popular feminist working class woman there has ever been, literally. Emma Goldman, Gloria Steinem, Simone de Beauvoir combined are not as famous and influential to women being strong as Roseanne is. She is also wrong about a lot of shit I could argue for days with her. But I love her like a crazy aunt, who I happen to have plenty of who I love all of them. She’s a genius.

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