Let’s start a food growers gang!

Let’s create a group. A gang. Let’s call it a gang because it sounds cooler…. a food production gang.  Making food, sharing it with each other.

The gang members wouldn’t have to share politics, you wouldn’t have to share religions, you wouldn’t have to share tastes in music. You would have to share mutual respect, and a reasonable amount of commitment, in order to share in producing food to benefit the gang. Everyone works a little bit to share a lot of food.

I like cooperating. Sesame Street sang songs about it, and my soft toddler brain became indoctrinated with muppet propaganda. I am now a full blown Sesamist.

But it also makes practical economic sense. With two people you get stuff done five times as fast as you would alone. And with 10 people you get stuff done 100 times as fast (I’m just making up numbers, it all depends on the task and how much you’ve been drinking).

And if all else fails, we’ll at least have some kick ass dinner parties.

Community Food Production Systems

From farmers markets, to community supported agriculture, to public vegetable gardens, to crop swaps, people are doing food stuff that requires a bunch of people to get together and participate.

I was a farmer for 7 years in North Carolina. The two markets I was a member of are 100% producer-owned, directly democratic corporations (I say producers because eventually bakers, crafters, etc were allowed in). There is a board of 5 producers elected at yearly required meetings, with rotating terms. There are monthly meetings all the producers were invited to attend, where they could give input on decisions made by the board about the by-laws. The by-laws contained things like dues payment and enforcement to make sure the members of the market were producing all the items they were selling within a 70-mile radius of the market. A few farmers started the market in the 1980s, and they, along with other farms and markets around the country, led to the explosion of the local food movement.

The reason I bring this up is to illustrate that a bunch of people can get together and produce food democratically, and on their terms, if they take the time to organize.

The other way our farm got income was from a system known as Community Supported Agriculture. Customers buy a share at the beginning of the year, and get a box of food of a certain size for a certain amount of weeks depending on what they paid. We did both veggie shares, and chicken shares. For 20 weeks during the year, we delivered boxes to the customers who invested.

Five Families with Vegetable Gardens… or maybe just an Oven?

One idea that can be expanded upon is to have, say, 5 families all grow vegetables throughout the growing season (spring, summer, and fall), or bake baked goods, to be shared equally. All the families would work in their own garden, but occasionally the gang members would get together as a group for bigger jobs in each garden.

A 5 family vegetable production gang would have an organizational meeting and plan the whole thing out. The idea would be for everyone to bring to the table something different, and enough for the other 4 families. All for one and one for all. All of the produce would be divided up equally and placed in boxes or tote bags. Then from there we could barter a little. Then everyone goes home with a weekly bag of food.

Crops fail, and entire gardens fail. If a family has nothing one week, they could bring baked goods or cook everyone a pot of something, and still go home with a box. This isn’t a group of people engaged in a business deal, it’s not a market, it’s a gang. We probably already know each other, or met each other through a mutual family, and we’re in this to help each other out and make the project work.

Meat is Yummy, but I say Keep it Vegan at First

The reason I would start off just doing vegetables, there’s about an equal amount of input, even if one garden is a little bigger than another. Another reason to keep it vegan is that vegans are into this kind of shit.

With meat products you run into problems. Meat products require lots of investment, and a lot more money than veggies. Inevitably the meat producer would be bringing a larger investment to the table. And it’s not easy to produce meat or even enough eggs for every family in a city (where we live). For 5 dozen eggs a week you’d have to have a flock of 12 young and healthy productive chickens. A flock only half that size is legal in most cities.

In order to offset conflicts, we don’t want one family producing so much that it would be cost prohibitive, even if they were generous and financially comfortable enough to do so.

However, we could decide all this at the planning meeting.

Shared Labor and Work Days

We could schedule days to all get together and help each other do big jobs, like set up the garden, plow or build raised beds, dig, plant, weed, plant some more, weed some more. We could knock that shit out in like 2 hours.

Think about how bad ass all of our gardens could be in our yards if you had like 10 people knocking it out on a Saturday.

Sharing in the Inputs

We have yards, we invest in our own gardens. But there are inputs we can share. Like tools and skills. Do you have a rototiller? I got me a chop saw. Can you drive without totaling a car? I can tell jokes. We can all throw in and do a bulk seed order and maybe get a price break. Maybe you have a discount at the Home Depot. When I was a farmer we used to do stuff like that with other farms to get a price break on fertilizer and seed potatoes.  We were a bunch of small farms who functioned as one big farm. The Food Gang would be doing that on a smaller scale. We’d be a bunch of backyard gardens working together to function as a small farm.

 Theme Song and Partying

We’d definitely have to have a theme song. And we’d also party. Oh, since we’re a gang we need a color, and an enemy color, so it would give us the right to fight anyone who wears the enemy color.

Tentative Five Family Food Gang Schedule

January Winter Planning Meeting

    • At least one member of each family gets together and decides who grows what and how much
    • Plan gardens and determine who can grow what
    • Schedule the rest of the season
    • Talk about bulk seed order/tool sharing
    • Talk about everything else


Late Winter/Early Spring Garden Prep Work Weekend/s

    • At least one member of each family (hopefully as many as possible) gets together and preps all five gardens. Ideally we’d have enough labor to prep all five gardens in 1 or 2 weekends
    • Raised bed building, plowing, digging, etc.
    • Planting transplants in a greenhouse, if we have one
Early Spring Outdoor Planting Work Day

    • we put first greenhouse transplant/seeds into the ground
Spring First Spring Harvest Produce Share (to be repeated weekly or bi weekly)

Spring party

Spring -> Summer Weekly Produce Share and Occasional Workdays

Summer party

Fall End of season meeting/party


The Sloover family may be able to join a project like this in 2019. Maybe you can form a gang this year. This is meant to be a very basic outline to get us talking about it. What do you think? Give me your ideas/issues/problems that might arise in the comments.

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Endorsements for Today’s Election in Tulsa Nov 14 2017

Going to the Polls today in Tulsa. These are my endorsements:

NO on Proposition 1: It allows the city to come in a cut your grass if they consider it a nuisance without notice. I’m taking a libertarian stance on this one. There at least needs to be a notice if they’re going to change the landscaping
of your property.

YES on Proposition 2: just updates the system so that city council members can receive notice of special meetings by email instead of by hand

NO on Proposition 3: gives city council more power to declare emergencies outside of established ordinances for such declarations. Where do these people come off? Oh no somebody is peeing on the golden driller, call out the SWAT team. Not that it’s that extreme but it gives the city council more power to be above the law.

NO on Proposition 4: It moves the city elections from November to August. This seems like an attempt to involve less citizens in politics. People vote in fucking November. Enough citizens are not involved in elections. Proposition 4 sucks.

NO on Proposition 5: It gives too much power to the mayor to appoint people on the redistricting committee. Currently the power is distributed equally in the political parties to appoint representatives. They claim this will “take the politics out” which is the first sign of bullshit. Redistricting is as political as it gets. A
Republican mayor will appoint blue dog democrats to the committee, and poor neighborhoods will be further shoved out of city politics, in my opinion.

NO on Proposition 6: It is designed to give the police more political power in city government by doing away with restrictions on allowing city employees to be part of political campaigns. This is the same police force that a few years ago allowed the sheriffs drinkin’ buddy to run around with a gun and play cop until he murdered a guy. Fuck you

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smell it

smell real food with friends not a picture of supper

smell real sex, dirty awkward funny risky wild messy dangerous, not porn

smell live shows, see if the band can make it or if they’re just showing insecurity, go deaf, snort blow off the toilet in the bathroom, not recorded music

hike in the woods and smell wild animal shit, feel your legs hurt, step on a snake, deal with a bear, not nature shows

smell sweat and feel the fist on your face, feel the pain of a loose tooth, taste the blood, not internet flame wars

remember how she smells when she looks at you and loves you, not texting lovely thoughts from a faraway stranger

say it to their face, feel how they feel when you say it, not vague cunty vaguebooking

don’t be a fucking coward, he said to himself



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I don’t know why, but I keep yeast in a drawer with miscellaneous utensils like wine openers and cookie cutters and chinese restaurant brand chopsticks. I keep the kool aid in the knife drawer when I have kool aid. That’s the only thing in there besides knives. Knives and kool aid. I put a packet of fast rising yeast in a glass with warm water with sugar and stirred it around. It always clumps up so I have to mush it on the side of the glass with the spoon. I put 3 and a half cups of flour in a mixing bowl. Then I sat down and read a book for a few minutes. When the warm sugar water and yeast in the glass had a stout like head I poured it into the flour. And mixed it. I left it sit there. After that I walked down to the liquor store. It was pleasant outside. “HOLY SHIT this is nice”, I said. I got red wine. Then I went to the grocery store and got an onion, green pepper, hot italian sausage, and a can of crushed tomatoes. I tried to redeem a $7 winner scratch off ticket but it was expired. Then I walked home. Skrumpy was excited when I got in the house and wanted to play. I put the dough in the mixer for 10 minutes on stir. After eight minutes the mixer has shaken loose the Frankenstein pin in its neck and has hopped almost to the edge of the counter like it’s thinking about jumping. I pulled it back and shoved the pin back in there and it made it for the last two minutes. I let Skrump outside to get some sun. The dog and the dough are resting.

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rachel’s home

I spent the day cleaning the house. There were brownish red or reddish brown drops in the bathtub and on the toilet in the big bathroom. I don’t know from what. I’m sure it happened between Tuesday and Thursday of last week. At one point my arm was bleeding. I only remember that because I sent a picture of it to someone and found it later when I was looking through the conversation. And when I took a shower I saw there there was a weird puncture wound there. I have no idea. PooPoo Doggie (that’s her nickname. Her real name is Skrumpy, short for Skrumptious) had her energy back today. Yesterday she was hungover from the previous day because she got to play with Milo, her only dog friend in the world. We were both excited because Rachel was coming home after being away for a week. Skrump seemed to know. We left for the airport shortly after 5pm, so the traffic was heavy and slow, and there’s construction going out that way. We met Rachel outside the baggage claim. Skrump went nuts. Rachel got in the car and we kissed. She’s listening to her audiobook in the bath now that I cleaned my blood out of earlier.

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My Facebook Feed

aw look at that cute baby
damn i wish i could go to that show
damn i hope she’s okay

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October 9 2017 7:46pm

It’s raining again. I made mexican stir fry with rice for dinner. Skrump is tuckered out from playing with her friend yesterday. I gave her a piece of ham. The rain’s perfect right now. The fair is over so it’s quiet outside except for the rain and thunder.

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I planted potatoes this spring and my yard won’t stop growing potatoes

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