2015 Re-Release of Xmas N’at!



The Greatest Christmas Album Ever Recorded. Make Sloover a part of your holiday tradition as many other cool people have already.

With such Yuletide Singalong Classics as:

  • Santa Claus is Drunk
  • I Hate People
  • Irish Christmas
  • Balls, Balls, Balls

No need to fight of crowds of violent, stampeding fat people. YOUR BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING CAN BE FINISHED FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME! Go to sloover.bandcamp.com and click “Send as a gift” Sloover timeless holiday album, “Xmas N’at” is a perfect gift for:

  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Scarily Republican Grandmother
  • Grandfather
  • Annoying Liberal Aunt
  • Druncle
  • Children of All Ages
  • Infants
  • Expecting mothers
  • Members of the Clergy


Only $5.89 at sloover.bandcamp.com!!

“Advertising is lame.” –Sloover


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2015 Black Friday Fight Videos

Update: Saginaw Mi video of white lady snatching veggie steamer from child appears to be staged. I was duped. Usually I can tell right away… http://www.snopes.com/black-friday-lady-steals-kid/


Louisville, KY white guys dressed like golfers fight: https://twitter.com/DaddyWeaknd/status/670087604256272384/video/1

Florence, KY brawl over a pair of shoes: https://twitter.com/NSudenga/status/670120572559454208/video/1

El Paso, TX fat women fight over a TV:

El Paso, TX Shopper takes a swing at a cop and gets arrested:



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Moondog, “Elf Dance”

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The Steve and Sloover Show #26

In this episode Sloover discusses his fleeting internet fame after a Craigslist ad goes viral. Steve talks about his business Stephen Kent Design that makes handmade bracelets, kitchen boards, and passive amplification for phones. Steve will be a vendor at Pittsburgh’s Handmade Arcade on 12/5/15. The show concludes with a song from Steve and Sloov’s old band, Captain Bigwheel.

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I’m making nutella to spread on sourdough bread with my own shit

Content warning: The post discusses making nutella out of my own shit

I operated a small farm for seven years so I am no stranger to producing local food. And what can be more local than producing food from your own asshole?

Inspired by this woman, who is making sourdough bread using yeast from her vagina, I thought about how I too could contribute to the culinary world while grossing people out and then acting surprised about it. I decided to use an orifice shared by every human be they male, female, or other. The asshole!

So far my recipe is looking, well, exactly like nutella.




  • 1 cup chocolate icing
  • dash of powdered hazlenut
  • 1 cup shit


  • mix chocolate icing and hazlenut in a bowl
  • grab newspaper or phone
  • squat over bowl
  • Mix the ingredients together
  • Cover in foil, leave

This should be enough to spread over an entire loaf of vaginal yeast sourdough bread. Great for relatives who are supporting Donald Trump or Ben Carson for president!

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS. Give me money for no reason.  paypal.me/sloover




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Visit the booth of Stephen Kent Design at Handmade Arcade, 12/5/2015, David L Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh

Stephen Kent Design designs and produces handmade wooden bracelets, rings, passive amplifiers for your phone or tablet, and kitchen boards.

Visit Stephen Kent Design at Handmade Arcade, “Pittsburgh’s first and largest independent craft fair”, Saturday 12/5/2015, 11am – 7pm at David L Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh, PA

stephen kent design

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sloppy seconds.

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