I feel like Wendy O Williams here sometimes.  Everybody wants me to be all nice and positive while I watch humanity absolutely crumble.  Yeah it’s about ice cream, and based on veganism, which is probably true, but I don’t think animal products hurt when the animals are raised well, which they almost never are.  However, the issue isn’t the point.  It’s that nobody can HANDLE an opinion that upsets their worldview.  They want their nice comfortable talk show where they can be free to not contradict their sponsors.

In this way, cowardice is hidden under the veil of “positivity”




 This is a great comment on the fascist blog post put up by the Washington Post “I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.”
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My brother is a cop in a mid-sized city in the midwest, and he has been on the force for almost 25 years. Once upon a time, the force was made up mostly of people without military backgrounds. Today the reverse is true. My brother tells me that now nearly everyone on his police force is a military veteran. Most were NOT MPs, but mostly infantry or other combat troops. This is due to the fact that entrance exams to the police academy allow veterans, no matter what job they did in the military (even mess cook), to score 10 to 25% lower than those who have no military service and still qualify.

Combine this with the change in training with its emphasis on viewing citizens as threats and the money that police departments are given through the homeland security department and the confiscations reaped due to the “war on drugs” (which, he tells me, we are losing – Badly) which they may spend only on weapons and military-style training, and what you get is what we have now – a police force which has forgotten that they are supposed to be peace officers, and that the citizenry they are supposed to serve and protect (even the criminals) are not enemy combatants.

My brother has used his gun exactly once since he became a cop, and it was to put a dog that had been mangled in a staged fight out of its misery. He has numerous commendations in his file from the people who live in the neighborhood he patrols because he actually views his job, in one of the city’s toughest neighborhoods, as one of service to the community. He doesn’t view the residents as enemies and they don’t view him as a threat. We need to ditch the military emphasis that has insinuated itself into our local policing and go back to the community service model of law enforcement. It works.


 Also this one…
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I had to sign up and post because this article set me off. It is a PERFECT example of what’s wrong with 21st Century Law Enforcement. I am a 48 year old White Conservative with an Ivy League education and I used to be one of these “law and order” types when I was younger. NO MORE. The modern day police scare the living hell out of me. And if I (a white Republican from the suburbs) feels that way, I can only imagine what a poor Black person must feel. 
The “don’t question my authority or I might shoot you” attitude exhibited by this author is ALL TOO PREVALENT” out there in the world of Law Enforcement. At this stage of my life, I fear the Police FAR more than I fear common criminals….FAR MORE. 
Virtually every encounter I have with the police these days…from being pulled over for allegedly speeding…to asking a beat cop for directions in the inner city…turns into a potential confrontation as the Officer takes an aggressive and accusatory posture. I am treated like a Criminal for no reason. And when you have the audacity to actually ask the Officer why he is being so hostile, you are threatened with arrest and taunted with the threat that he may just decide to make up some charges. I kid you not… 
And these are NOT isolated incidences…the Police have a cultural problem that needs to be changed and changed quickly. And the arrogance in the tone of this editorial is a great example of what I mean.


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This is what I wanted to do on guitar since I’ve seen it