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I had recently made a new Facebook account with my real name for freelance work purposes.  The next time I tried to log in to my account with the name Sloover, they ascertained, I suppose from my IP address, that I wasn’t using my real name.  They made me change it, which I did, to another fake name.

Then I decided I didn’t need any of that shit anyway.  I’m tired of Facebook.  It’s an utter waste of life.  Not only do you see things your friends post, you see everything they comment on and like.  It’s silly nonsense, having posts from people I don’t know taking up room in my feed and room in my field of vision.  It’s a jumble of annoying crap I didn’t choose to see.  That’s why I haven’t had a TV in 20 years.  I like some shows, but sitting through commercials is a waste of time.

And Facebook is a fucking creepy stalker.  Why do they need my real name and number?  I don’t want to be advertised to.  And they change the layout just to fuck with people.  Not to mention their social behavior-modification experiments .

Hopefully Facebook will end up where it belongs, in a dumpster next to Myspace, and a new social media platform will come along that’s not authored by a megalomaniac.



Here’s a recent follow up on the violent Pride arrest, by Alex Zimmerman on City Paper’s “Blogh”

Bryan Campbell, a police union attorney who represents Chatterji, echoed that a 30-day timeline may not be unreasonable, “but the question gets to be: Is that enough time to do a full and fair investigation? You don’t want someone not following-up because they have a deadline.”

Campbell says Chatterji has not yet been interviewed by OMI investigators, noting that the interview of the officer in question happens once “they talk to all the witnesses and gather all the evidence.”

Campbell added that a new video obtained by OMI, provided by PNC Bank across the street, will likely confirm Chatterji’s account that he was punched and kicked by Lawther and that force was necessary to subdue her.

“Here’s a woman who attempts to punch an officer. He strikes her twice in the stomach — he didn’t hit her in the head. That’s acceptable force,” he says.

What we learn

  • The police union attorney said a video will likely confirm that Chatterji was punched, then he said “Here’s a woman who ATTEMPTS TO PUNCH”  – those are two different things, and both of them likely bullshit
  • Striking a woman in the stomach is acceptable use of force according to a Pittsburgh Police Attorney.

At least the cop is still off the street.  However watch the fuck out for cops if you’re a woman, especially if you’re pregnant.  They consider it perfectly acceptable to punch you in the stomach.

Statement by Mayor William Peduto on Ongoing Investigation of Pride Fest Arrest

PITTSBURGH, PA – “Last month I called for an investigation of an arrest at the June 15 Pride Fest parade and said the city ‘will not delay this investigation, but I will not make any judgement until such time that OMI has had the opportunity to fully investigate.’

At this time, the investigation has progressed and is ongoing. The officer who is the subject of the investigation will remain off-patrol until OMI has completed their work.

I and my administration are committed to justice and fairness and we will ensure a complete and thorough investigation so that all parties may receive fair treatment from the City of Pittsburgh.”

I couldn’t find any reporting about this (I guess it won’t be much of a story until the trial), so I tweeted the mayor who tweeted back (I still hate that word, tweeted) that I could find the statement on the city website.  I’m glad to know the cop is still off the street.
Ariel Lawther is set to go on trial for the altercation she had with her mother on July 23rd up in Cranberry.  I’m not sure when the trial for the Pride arrest is.  I’ll look it up later.

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Iggy Pop doing Betty Davis

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Betty Davis.  RESPECT.  So legit Google keeps searching for the dead white actress.