Chomsky vs. Pearle 1988

This shit put me on fire during the Bush administration when I was a farmer. I remember hearing this going into town to get gas during the gas price hikes in what year was it, like 2005-06? I downloaded this into my mp3 player and listened to it while i did farm work

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This is how people should be

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The Fall

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I’ll fight David Simon, you picked the wrong one

It’s so easy to make comments about men’s mothers online on Christmas, isn’t it you bad drunk. You can’t drink at all, you bitch excuse for a man. Have you had a penis in your mouth? I haven’t. You cunt. I will immediately fight you with my fists if I ever see you.

Just by the way your tweets are all flowery with language like you want to impress some fucking English teacher, and by the awkward insults you give people like “fucksquid” and whatever else I don’t feel like cringing right now.

Jesus Christ you goofy hack. It feels like going against a jellyfish. You stung me but my own piss can take away the minute pain. But you’re the Queen Jellyfish because you’re such a bitch narcissist.

Don’t ever, ever say something about someone else’s mother. You child. I will only pummel your face if I ever see you. I only wish a minimal amount of harm on you. I wish you to learn a lesson that everyone where I grew up learned as children and you never did because you’re a bitch ass.

Fuck you David Simon

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1979 AFC Championship: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Houstin Oilers, Myron Cope and Jack Flemming calling

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Hanging out in Bars and Talking to People is Revolutionary

We have a toxic media culture. We have to get away from media and hang out in fucking bars and talk. And be individuals and not repeating machines.

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Left wing academics write fake, ridiculous papers that are accepted into academic journals


…thus exposing how ridiculous and “problematic” PC culture has become.. for anyone who wants progress.

Who it’s great for is the right wing and Trump followers.

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