Halfway to the Goal, but I still can’t make it to Philly without your Help!


With growing tensions between BLM and the police, and Bernie Sanders supporters and the Democratic establishment, thousands will be pouring into Philadelphia in two weeks for the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center. Across the street from Wells Fargo is Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park. Bernie supporter Billy Taylor has obtained permits to demonstrate in the park months ago. The park has a 9pm curfew, and Philadelphia Police have announced it will be enforced. With thousands of demonstrators from all over the country coming to the city, places to sleep are being booked up fast. One organizer is having 25 people sleep in his 2 bedroom house and 30 more in a closed-down daycare he owns. If people sleep in the park, how will the police respond? There are eerie similarities to Chicago 1968, yet encouraging differences… for one, Mayor Jim Kenny doesn’t seem to be very fascist, like Richard Daley.

I want to write a feature-length well researched article, make a podcast, and a short video covering the events. And I need your help! Think of it as buying me a beer, or a CD, or a book from me. In all instances you are contributing to my creative work (even with the beer)

But I am still not certain that I can make it. Generous friends have contributed $270 so far. If I can find a place to crash that is enough for Greyhound bus fare in and out of Philly, and some food and public transportation. If I can’t find a free place to crash, then I only have enough for an AirBnb… and I need to book one now… those are selling out fast. Can you help me? You people are beautiful.

I have a GoFundMe page set up, but with the exorbitant fine-print fees to withdraw the money, I prefer you donate at… https://www.paypal.me/sloover. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU FOREVER BUBBA!

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