Black Guy Planted Behind Trump in Phoenix is a Psycho

On Tuesday August 22nd, Donald Trump held one of his pro-wrestling-style rallies in Phoenix to address the important issue of how unfairly the media is treating him for openly sympathizing with Nazis.

As he whined out his speech in the his patented spoiled toddler wheeze, there was a crowd of supporters behind him with this look in their eyes:

Among them was a black guy, perhaps invited there as an “I have black friends” statement, just in case any of us missed when he sympathized with Nazis. The black guy held a sign that read “BLACKS FOR TRUMP” and a T-shirt that read “TRUMP and Republicans are Not Racists” and the website “”.

Just go to and have a ball. After clicking the front page to be redirected to “”, here’s the first thing you see:

“The Real K K K Slave Masters Revealed, 2Thess.2:1-11 & they are CHEROKEE Indians (Hidden Babylonians). The reason GOD​ YAHWEH chose TRUMP to be President is to be the  White & Black Man’s DELIVERER from the Babylon, like the Gentile  King CYRUS, Isa.45:1-6!”

It’s hard to believe that an enthusiastic Trump supporter has trouble interpreting reality.

You can find out more about the guy through his site, but there were be no point whatsoever in doing so.



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